Support Services


Once a new ecommerce website goes live, the real work commences. While Solutionists’ strategy is to automate as much of the regular site administration as possible, there is still plenty to be done to maximise returns for your website investment. Fortunately, we stick around to help with the ongoing support and maintenance.

Fast-Response Technical Support

Sophisticated software systems operate in a world of constant change.  Browser software, customers, server software, telcos, the internet, computer operating systems and product information are all in constant flux.  This creates problems from time to time and Solutionists have experienced technical staff available to talk you through and fix any problems you might encounter.

Regular Website Maintenance

The software which runs the underlying ecommerce platform is constantly being upgraded and improved.  This ensures that the software stays compatible with the latest infrastructure systems and also provides improvements in usability and additional features. Our bi-annual semi-automated updates are rolled out without impacting your unique web store features so that your website stays up-to-date, reliable and secure.


Along with online documentation, we also provide tailored training sessions, face to face or virtual, to ensure you can master content entry and general management of your web store on a daily basis.

Email campaigns

Email is still one of the most significant drivers of ecommerce revenue. Solutionists provide fully serviced or DIY email management systems fully integrated with your web store customer database. We can design and send or you can manage it all yourself.


Solutionists provide high availability hosting for our larger stand-alone websites.

The cost and service level is tailored to match your demand levels.  High traffic sites are hosted on multiple servers with common files being delivered from a global CDN. 


Our solutions are not open-source, which means we know who has access to our website databases at all times. We never save credit card details, hence there is zero risk for your customers to shop online. Our payment gateways are PCI DSS compliant for safe-handling of sensitive payment information.