Solutionists E-Gift Cards

E-Gift Cards

The gift card feature allows customers to buy a gift card online and have it delivered electronically directly to the recipient’s inbox.

Users can enter the recipient’s name, email address and a personalised message, which will appear in the E-gift card email along with the automatically generated E-gift card code. 

If integrated with your POS, e-gift card could even be redeemed in-store and physical gift cards online for a seamless shopping experience.

Solutionists Virtual Gift Card Amounts To Choose From

Choose E-Gift Card Amount

There is the option to set up the gift card page to allow users to choose any amount or select from a pre-defined list of voucher amounts. 

Solutionists E-Gift Card One Checkout

One Shopping Cart

Users can add one or more gift cards to their shopping cart as well as other items with one easy checkout flow.

Solutionists E-Gift Card Code Creation Automated for Efficiency and Accuracy

Gift Card Code Creation

Gift Card codes are automatically generated when customers purchase a gift card online, so there is no need to manually create them.

Solutionists E-Gift Card Redemption

Easy Gift Card Redemption

Customers are able to redeem gift cards online by entering the gift card code at the checkout. A gift card may be used partially or in full.

Solutionists E-Gift Card Email Templates can be tailored and branded

Tailored Email Template

The e-gift card email template can be modified to suit your brand guidelines.

Solutionists E-Gift Card Customisation and Integration For A Streamlined Shopping Experience


We can customise the feature to allow customers to choose between electronic and physical gift cards or even choose a card design.