Online Sales Going Strong For Solutionists Clients

Despite the slowdown in global retail sales, the industry has seen double digit online growth in New Zealand and Australia over the last 12 months, 14% and 12% respectively. 

In Australia, the categories with the most growth were takeaway food, media and personal & recreational goods.  New Zealand online retail has experienced the biggest growth in the computer, clothing and electronic markets accounting for over half of the year-on-year increase. 

For the top 15 Solutionists clients, the last 12 months have been strong across the board. New Zealand clients have enjoyed a 32% average increase in online revenue while Australian clients have had a 53% average increase in online revenue.

* Source: BNZ online retail sales reports  ** Source: NAB online retail sales reports

A contributing factor has been the willingness to invest in innovative online solutions and improvements with a direct impact on the online customer experience. Omnichannel may no longer be the number one buzz word, but the premise remains. Online stores that deliver on an integrated and intuitive cross-channel shopping experience are winning.

Here at Solutionists, we actively work with our clients to identify the greatest opportunities. In the last 12 months, our areas of focus have been conversion rate optimisation of both product and checkout pages, abandoned cart re-marketing, changes in stock rules for better online availability, personalised product recommendations and the introduction of additional payment options.

Tapping into online marketplaces such as Google Shopping and eBay has also been an opportunity for greater exposure and cross-channel revenue potential. 

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Sina Braeuning