WeChat & Alipay now available on MaxCommerce

Solutionists' partnership with Latipay

15 May 2018

Solutionists is excited to announce our partnership with payment provider Latipay, making AliPay and WeChat Pay available to clients on the MaxCommerce platform, widening reach to both the domestic and overseas Chinese consumers. 

From mid-2017 Latipay has experienced impressive growth both locally and internationally as a leading global cross-border payment technology company. To date, Latipay has established several global partnerships in Dubai, Australia, Singapore, Europe, UK and USA. 
‘These enterprise partnerships have proven to be extremely valuable in expanding the capacity for Latipay’s global scalability.’ – Pat McCammon, Managing Director, Latipay.

WeChat has over 1 Billon active users and Alipay over 680 million, all using their e-wallets to make purchases. 88% of all Chinese online payments are now made via e-wallets, while less than 15% of Chinese consumers have access to credit cards. 

The company is currently powering payments for leading brands such as Datacom, Comvita, ANZ, Pandora and many more, providing a variety of free solutions to accept these payment methods via online integration (e-commerce), static QR codes, the Latipay App, and integration directly into the payment terminal and POS system.

It is common knowledge that there is a boom in Chinese tourism worldwide (with Australia and New Zealand near the top of the list) that is underpinning the overseas expansion of these cashless payment systems. The number of Chinese tourists going abroad has increased every single year for the last 20 years. In 2017, outbound Chinese tourists numbered 138 million and spent around $125 billion overseas, according to the Chinese Tourism Academy.

‘Nowadays Chinese buyers not only prefer these payment methods; they expect them’ – Kris Sproull, Head of Global Marketing, Latipay.
While Latipay’s market share increases so too does the need for product development and innovation. The IT & product development team have been perpetually excelling in this sense and have perfected their APP and API for integration with both physical and e-commerce merchants. As is the case with any smart tech solution, the platform is dynamic and continuously improving.

With an increasingly fast-growing international merchant base and more enterprise partnerships on the horizon, Latipay has strong headlights on the future and we look forward to offering its payment solutions to our clients, with the first implementation launching in the coming weeks.

Would you like to find out more? Contact Emma Dunsford on +64 9 550 0279 or email her on emma@solutionists.co.nz today. 



date published:

15 May 2018