Why Christmas is coming early this year (and what it means for your business)

2 Oct 2019

Christmas is only a few months away. As a retailer, these are the busiest month(s) of the year. But how far ahead should you be planning when it comes to Christmas? In this blog we are looking at some of the trends and where to focus on. 


In the previous years we have seen that people start searching for their Christmas presents in November. This year we are already seeing results of people starting to search even earlier. These results are similar in New Zealand and Australia.

We especially see peaks around 11 November (Singles Day), 29 November (Black Friday) and of course the week before Christmas Day and on Boxing Day. 

With an increase in mobile shopping in the last few years, we see now more than half of all retail-related search queries were conducted on mobile.

Black Friday (29 November)

In the graph we see Black Friday has grown a lot in popularity over the years and retailers see the effects of this. Last year, in NZ alone, $442 million has been spend over the Black Friday weekend. Up more than 85% from the previous year. 

At the moment Black Friday is as big as Boxing Day, with the possibility to even surpass Boxing Day this year.

Singles Day (11 November)

Although Singles’ Day is relatively new to a lot of retailers in New Zealand and Australia, we have seen a major increase in popularity (30% on a year on year average). Singles’ Day (also known as Anti-Valentine’s Day) is especially popular among young Chinese people that celebrate their pride in being single. 

Last year, Alibaba alone generated $38.2 billion in sales during the day-long event, exceeding sales for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the US. When looking at the Australian / New Zealand region, Ecostore made $2.36 million in sales on Singles’ Day last year, a 106% increase on the $1m in sales it made the previous year.  The Australian brand, Swisse, was the number 1 cross border brand during Singles’ Day.


Are you ready?

Although Christmas seems far away, before you know it you are unwrapping your Christmas presents. Looking at how you’re going to tackle this year’s Christmas strategy is important at this stage. 

Start on time and determine what’s important for your online offerings. Determine your goals, target audience, strategy, messages and channels. In this time of year it’s especially important to come up with a creative campaign concept that clearly differentiates you from your competition.

Have a look at how we are helping Smith and Caughey’s to create the ultimate Christmas experience or contact us for more information.



Jessica de Heij

date published:

2 Oct 2019