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How Shopify kept things simple and cost-effective for one Kiwi business

2 Sep 2020

The Homestore Auckland, in the upscale suburb of Newmarket, sells a wide range of high-end homewares and gifts.

They found that more and more sales were going through their website and they realised their eCommerce site needed a serious upgrade. As a relatively small business, The Homestore Auckland wanted a simple, cost-effective solution – but it also needed to meet their key business requirements.

Because wedding gifts are a key offering, one special feature was at the top of the list – Wedding Registries. The goal was a modern, streamlined website – with a built-in registry system - that could integrate with their current POS platform. It needed to fit in with The Homestore’s branding, perform reliably, and be easy to use. The old site gave little control, so being able to easily manage their webstore and all aspects of it was another important requirement for the new site.

Extra features without customisation

The Homestore Auckland approached Solutionists for help. Their website needs were relatively straightforward, but the platform MaxCommerce didn’t include their one big ask – the wedding registry. Although a custom application could have been developed to fit, Solutionists found a simpler solution through Shopify.

The Shopify platform gives businesses pre-built eCommerce websites with the option to add apps as needed – including a wedding registry plug-in.

With no customisations needed, the registry app was simpler and more cost effective than a bespoke build would have been. Pre-set features meant less specification work – and lower costs for the client.

Apps and design tweaks

Of course, important as it was, the registry was not the only requirement. The entire Homestore Auckland eCommerce platform needed an upgrade – and Shopify was able to deliver that.

Shopify offers a standard integration with The Homestore’s POS system Vend, making it simple to link the new site with their current system. Other out-of-the-box features – like gift cards, AfterPay and abandoned cart emails met some other key business requirements. There were, however, some additional apps that had to be added to enhance the user experience (UX) such as a menu builder, filters and the ability to let customers update their details.

Design was another key element. Shopify offers a range of web design templates, but these lacked some of the best-practice UX elements. Solutionists therefore modified a theme to meet UX standards while also matching the client’s design aesthetic. The UI of the apps was also customised, particularly for the gift registry to bring it up to standard from a UX perspective.

The result? A simple, streamlined system that fit The Homestore's brand and suited their customer base.

Integrated, cost-effective, functional

At The Homestore Auckland, the new site is up and running. Staff have learned how to use the system with little trouble, and feedback from customers has been positive.

Although the Shopify apps they’re now using wouldn’t work for every organisation, it balances the needs of their small business perfectly. It already had built-in integration capabilities and functionality, and as there wasn't the need for much in the way of customisation, this reduced the costs for the business while delivering the features they needed.

The Homestore Auckland team was happy to flex existing processes and accept that the new system would change the way they work in some ways. For example, the registry was bound by the built-in app functionality, promotions and loyalty points can’t be integrated through the website and the order management process had to be adapted slightly. For The Homestore Auckland, these trade-offs were worth the savings and simplicity offered by Shopify.

Could Shopify be right for your business? Or do you have specific requirements outside of Shopify’s capabilities? We also offer MaxCommerce for advanced eCommerce solutions and InsiteCommerce for Enterprise B2B solutions. Talk to us today and find out which platform is the best fit for you.



date published:

2 Sep 2020