Case Study

Cult label ONETEASPOON has increased conversion rate by 90% with the MaxCommerce platform

15 Oct 2019


Conversion rate up 90% with MaxCommerce 
Together ERP & MaxCommerce help OneTeaspoon fill orders 
UX website redesign increases conversion and  enhances brand personality 
Bounce rate drops 82%
Session duration up 26%
Mobile conversion up 117%
Desktop conversion rate improves 90%
Emarsys boosts consumer conversion and retention, rewards loyalty
Order processing is 8 times faster with new dispatch app 

OneTeaspoon’s founder Jamie Blakey and her partner Liz Roberts, who are as passionate as ever about creating extraordinary collections for glorious individuals, knew technology could support the creative and financial intuition they’d always relied on to run their company.

Because fashion and home décor move at warp speed, OneTeaspoon needed accurate, real-time data to manage its rapidly expanding business. To give consumers and customers what they wanted when they wanted it, OneTeaspoon needed to know if they had the inventory required to fill their many online orders. Clearly, their Island Pacific ERP system needed to work with a highly scalable, Microsoft-based eCommerce platform. 

Island Pacific, OneTeaspoon’s trusted, long-term ERP provider, gave Solutionists, a leading retail and wholesale eCommerce specialist and integration expert, a glowing recommendation. As a result, OneTeaspoon switched to Solutionists’ own MaxCommerce platform from Magento after Solutionists explained a few key points; MaxCommerce would be able to grow with OneTeaspoon and power the two new websites (Australia and U.S.) that would soon serve global markets. 

MaxCommerce proved itself the most practical choice the moment OneTeaspoon users realized the MaxCommerce platform is more intuitive and user-friendly than Magento. OneTeaspoon employees also discovered MaxCommerce effortlessly handles the constant updates to everything from inventory to new promotions, pricing and sizes. 

The power of the MaxCommerce platform was a wonderful surprise to everyone at OneTeaspoon!

MaxCommerce simultaneously runs multiple videos without time lags/speed reduction and price changes take just seconds compared to a few hours with Magento.

“MaxCommerce is like a smooth-running Mac (it just works), while Magento is more like Windows (less user-friendly and hard to figure out)”.

To further support OneTeaspoon’s continued growth, Solutionists then integrated the Island Pacific ERP with Max Commerce. Accurate, real-time inventory data lets OneTeaspoon match supply and demand, because as OneTeaspoon knows, out-of-stock items can cost the company what should have been a guaranteed sale.

First and foremost, Solutionists’ experts made sure OneTeaspoon’s irreverent, eclectic and oh-so-edgy OneTeaspoon personality came through in the new websites because the brand’s deeply loyal fans had certain expectations. They also recognized the site had to give those fans the best possible user experience. 

For example, the websites now feature images of each product from multiple vantage points as well as video. The mega menu builder lets you  create a unique website menu and navigation using any combination of images, HTML and text. Solutionists also made it easy for shoppers to add favourites to their wish lists and gave fans home page access to the Instagram feed. 

Solutionists recommended integrating MaxCommerce with Emarsys to make better use of the available consumer, sales and product data. Customizable and standard reports use customer and consumer data, OneTeaspoon’s most valuable asset, to highlight shopping and buying trends and patterns at a glance. 

As a result, OneTeaspoon employees can now adjust promotions accordingly. Email marketing is a big converter and thanks to Emarsys, OneTeaspoon can reward loyal customers and consumers. Emarsys also triggers automatic order confirmation and dispatch notice emails because those emails need to be sent at the right time every time. 

To make dispatch more efficient, Solutionists tailored the new order processing app to OneTeaspoon’s warehousing procedures. Pick/packers love the fact the mobile app means they’re no longer tied to their computers but are free to move around the warehouse as they fill orders. Employees are processing orders eight times faster and customers love the expedited delivery times.

OneTeaspoon’s bottom line is also benefiting from the resulting reduction in staffing costs. Finally, the app captures shipping options and costs, and tracks the orders’ whereabouts once it’s been integrated with couriers’ platforms. Consumers really want to know it’s en route and when it should arrive – they’re excited and counting down to the actual delivery!   

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Case Study


Kara Kuryllowicz

date published:

15 Oct 2019