Case Study: In Search Of Smart Product Recommendations

Nosto as the chosen engine for a personalised experience for Noni B Group

31 Aug 2017


Noni B Group is the parent company for four of Australia’s best known and much-loved ladies fashion retailer brands; Rockmans, Wlane, BeMe and of course, Noni B. Each brand provides women with quality apparel and accessories. Their first MaxCommerce online store was Rockmans, which launched in 2014. Since then we have continued to work with each brand to grow their digital presence and online sales. Today, all their web stores are powered by MaxCommerce.


Noni B and Solutionists are always looking for ways to increase conversion and performance for the brands. In 2017 a key focuses was on average order value, customer experience and outfitting. Product recommendations were partially automated at the time but lacking personalisation. To improve relevancy, we were looking for an engine that would provide online shoppers with fully automated and personalised product recommendations throughout the shopping journey.


We developed an integration package specifically for MaxCommerce to allow Nosto to present relevant and automated product recommendations on any number of web pages. Taking both in store transaction data and website trends from each individual web store and feeding this into Nosto allowed robust reporting and insights. This was then teamed with a front-end UI that was in line with each brand’s design.  

The integration package was installed in each web store featuring homepage, product page and shopping cart recommendations. These were configured in true responsive fashion for an optimised cross-device experience.

Homepage Recommendations

Product recommendations on the homepage are driven by the user’s previous shopping behaviour and browsing history. For new visitors with no browsing history, real time best sellers are presented.

Product Page Recommendations

The product pages suggest alternative items in real-time based on the user’s browsing behaviour. With the cross-selling filter in action, all suggested products relate to the product that is being viewed, either because they belong to the same category or the same brand.

Shopping Cart Recommendations

The shopping cart displays relevant product suggestions based on the items already in the user’s cart. The filters ensure that similar products are being displayed.



The effectiveness of personalised recommendations is firstly demonstrated in the rate of converting customers clicking on Nosto recommendations. On average, customers that click these convert 3x better.

Basket size is also seeing a nice increase with the average order value being 18.5% higher for online orders with Nosto recommendations.

When comparing the personalised homepage recommendations to the best sellers fallback rule, personalisation comes out on top in both click through rate and conversion rate. The click through rate for personalised recommendations is over 2x that of top sellers and the conversion rate is nearly 4x higher.  


Things are on the up for sister brand WLane, too. With Nosto product recommendations being more relevant and personal, they are naturally clicked more often. The rate of paying customers clicking on Nosto recommendations also convert 4x better. What’s more, average order value is up 22.6% for Nosto sales. 

Personalised homepage recommendations surpass the best sellers fallback rule with a conversion rate 5x higher. This reaffirms the importance and effectiveness of a personalised online experience. 

Furthermore, shopping cart recommendations are proving to be extremely effective with a conversion rate over 8x as high as the site average. This demonstrates just how powerful the right product suggestions can be, no matter where they are in the shopping journey.


The average order value for Nosto sales outperforms general online sales on BeMe as well - it’s up 15%. The rate of paying customers clicking on Nosto customers also convert 3x better.

Personalised homepage recommendations once again surpass the best sellers falback rule. Click through rate for personalised recommendations is over 2x that of best sellers and conversion rate is almost 3x higher. 

When it comes to shopping cart recommendations on Beme, these see a lower click through rate than Nosto recommendations on the other pages, however, conversion rate is almost 5x as high as the site wide conversion rate. 


Sina Braeuning

date published:

31 Aug 2017