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2 Aug 2022

While most people are accustomed to self-service, something is enduring about providing your customers with ‘the personal touch’, particularly in the B2B world. Offering an online service is one thing, but enabling your sales reps to place orders on behalf of your customers? That’s next-level customer service – and it’s a huge competitive advantage.

MaxCommerce7 is a Microsoft .NET-based eCommerce platform optimised for mid-sized omnichannel retail or integrated B2B enterprises. It has an add-on feature which, as the name suggests, can be used by sales reps to process customer orders.

Here’s how you can use it to strengthen your relationship with your customers, and some examples of our clients using the feature to achieve great results:

The benefits of shopping on behalf of customers

Onboard new customers quickly

Finding and onboarding a new customer is a huge achievement. But relying on them to set up their account (in the last conversion phase) can be risky – especially if they have zero experience with your system. Instead of losing prospective customers in the account set-up phase, sales representatives can now take the reins. This will expedite the customer’s journey, empowering them to order more efficiently in the future.

Easily transition phone orders online

Transitioning customers from phone orders to online can often meet road bumps. For example, websites that aren’t intuitive or user-friendly can lead to a poor user experience. And if a customer isn’t adept with online shopping, the change can be confusing, steering them toward a more old-school provider. By logging into their account and setting it up for them, you can provide more effective, direct support. This improves efficiency for you and them, and you both walk away happy.

Better customer support with problems or requests

When a customer gets stuck, sales representatives have access to their account and can provide faster troubleshooting – without searching for information or putting them on hold. That can alleviate any frustrations and improve order and dispatch efficiency. The faster you can get their order in the system, the quicker it’ll be delivered – and that makes customers happy.

Customers can appoint ‘personalised shoppers’

Your sales team can now be responsible for identifying clients’ needs and finding the right products to suit – a win-win for customers and sales representatives. Customers save administration time (it’s one less thing they have to do) and your team can boost sales and upsell. Shopping on behalf of customers can help build long-lasting relationships through exceptional service and ensure all customer needs are met.

A quick look at how the module works:

1. Log in to ‘sale representative account’.

2. Search for existing customers in the database.

3. Find customer and select.

4. See their previous order history (with the option to replicate).

5. Add new items to their cart.

6. Complete checkout process as that customer. 

7. Select "stop shopping as customer".

Related Feature - “Pay On Account”

Pay On Account allows customers to pay with a pre-approved account rather than using a payment method such as a credit card. A purchase order number is usually required to be logged with the order.

The outcome: boosted revenue and better customer service

We love watching our clients deliver awesome experiences for their customers, and their customers love the support.


As a large B2B wholesaler for Australia and New Zealand, Canterbury needed a sophisticated online store to support its complex business model. In 2019, Solutionists helped to move its processes online with two front-ends for easy international management. Its online offering has had great success over the past three years, partly due to its early adoption of the Sales Representative Account feature that enabled it to place orders on behalf of its customers and boost revenue. 

"We have launched our new Canterbury B2B site for NZ and Australia [in 2020]. A big thanks to the team at Solutionists who were very helpful during the testing and go live stage. New websites are always complicated when integrating with ERP systems. Solutionists worked alongside us through every stage to achieve the business outcomes we required."
Barry Kirkley, IT and Operations Manager

Add to cart, buy now, happy customers

While self-service is popular with the modern consumer, that ‘personal touch’ remains an important and powerful tool for building and maintaining long-term customer relationships, particularly in the B2B world. Our Sales Representative Account module can facilitate this process by enabling sales reps to place orders for their customers, transition phone orders online and troubleshoot problems quickly.

To learn more about MaxCommerce7 and its benefits, get in touch with Solutionists.


Sina Hunter

date published:

2 Aug 2022