B-commerce for Distributors and Manufacturers

Our systems have been tried, tested and proven in the most demanding market to date – the B2C ecommerce space. This has allowed us to fine-tune our systems, taking the best from what we know about B2C ecommerce but going one step further to develop a more advanced level of online selling software that accommodates the precise needs of the B2B market.

Did you know that the fastest way to fulfill your business’ goals is to simply give your customers exactly what they want – and need? They might not know themselves what exactly that is. But that’s okay, because we do…

5 Ways

we can help you deliver a fast, seamless B2B buying experience:

Live Customer-Specific Pricing

Our systems can consider multiple accounts, shipping to various warehouses, loyalty and much more. Provide your customers with a personalised experience.

Deliver More Relevant Choices to Your Customers

Create product catalogues tailored to your customers’ needs. Utilise our facet search with your unique product attributes to enable your customers to filter through large product ranges faster.

Provide Real-Time Order Feedback

Instant quote creations, ‘contact us’ forms, and live chats provide buyers with easy answers. Get your sales reps involved with the ability to order on behalf of your customers.

Best in Class Mobile Experience

Make it easy for your customers and sales reps to research and place orders on the go, in-between meetings, on-site with a client, anywhere at any time on any device.

Real-Time Stock Levels

Seamless integration with your ERP or CRM reduces administration and speeds up order processing times. Let our systems do the hard work. No more over-selling and under-delivering.