Solutionists Multi-Site Multi-Brand Platform

Multi Site Licence

A multi-site licence allows you to leverage your ecommerce investment by running additional stand-alone websites off a single platform.

Solutionists One CMS and many branded sites

One CMS many sites

Running multiple sites out of one CMS makes for one stop content updating and allows you to easily share data such as products, customers or information.

Solutionists Leverage a single platform to run several websites

Cost effective

Leverage a single ecommerce platform to run multiple sites, as opposed to having each one built separately.

Solutionists Standalone website with shared CMS

Standalone websites

Each website is recognised as being completely independent by Google, and can have its own unique tracking and analytics.

Solutionists Share Integration for all your websites

Share integration

Integration with a single back-office system, or social/marketplace site can feed multiple websites.

Solutionists Multiple Websites Multiple Designs

Different look and feel

Each site running off the multi-site licence can have a completely unique design concept.

Solutionists Multiple Sites Multiple Languages

Different Languages

Deliver your website/s in as many languages as you like.