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Interactive Lookbook

The look book module allows you to take your catalogue or campaign imagery online and create an interactive browsing experience for your customers through image hot spots and links.

Display style options include full page or double page image scrolling view or large image with thumbnails view.

Solutionists Pre-Formatted Lookbook Template


Simply load your look book imagery in and the look book formatting will take care of itself. Choose from two different look book styles.

Solutionists Lookbook Hotspots


Create image “hotspots” on different parts of a look book image to create links through to different products.

Solutionists Lookbook Captions and Descriptions

Add Text Details

Add text, text links or descriptions below each look book image.

Solutionists Lookbook QuickLook Quick Shop

Quick View

Click on a hot-spot within a look to popup product details and purchase.

Solutionists Shop The Look

Buy the Look buttons

Add Buy the Look buttons to each look book image which click through to merchandised ‘Buy the Look’ pages.

Solutionists Multiple Lookbooks

Multiple Lookbooks

Load and publish multiple lookbooks to allow customers to view your current and past catalogues online.