Solutionists Buy The Set

Buy The Set

Customers can select which products they want from a set, choose a size, colour or quantity, and add them to their carts in a single click.

Solutionists Buy The Look Configurable Main Image

Associate an image for the look

Pick an image that shows all items together in a single look and use your items to put that outfit together online.

Solutionists Buy The Look Product Selection

Select individual items

Allow customers to tick which items they want to purchase from the look.

Solutionists Buy The Look Bulk Add To Cart

Single click add to cart

Customers can choose size and quantity and add all items to their cart in one click.

Solutionists Buy The Look Product Link

Link from catalogue

Add ‘Buy the Look’ buttons to your look book/catalogue that links through to the Buy the Look merchandised pages.

Solutionists Buy The Look CMS Editing Interface

Easy CMS Interface

Easily pick products and associate them to images to create Buy the Look pages for your customers.

Solutionists Buy The Look Cross-Sellin Tool

Cross selling tool

Bring your look book shots to life and replicate in store merchandising and sales support.