Solutionists Adwords Services

Why AdWords?

AdWords is one of the most powerful paid online advertising tool in the market used by businesses of all sizes selling products and services to consumers and other businesses.

When implemented effectively, AdWords can bring more of the right people to your website at the right time and turn them into online shoppers.


Increase Traffic and Quality of Traffic

It is a tool that enables you to focus on users who are searching for the products you have on offer. AdWords can increase overall traffic but more importantly generate better quality traffic, as it is highly targeted and therefore more likely to convert.

Fast and Highly Measurable

When it comes to measuring success, you don’t have to wait months to see results. Key metrics are measured not only on campaign level but drill down to individual keyword performance and allow for on-going optimisation to get the best return on investment.


Campaigns can be customised to target specific locations, times of day, languages and device types. There is also the option to choose from different keyword match types to define how closely a search term needs to match your keywords or add negative matches to ensure your ad doesn’t show for products you don’t sell. What’s more you can set a daily budget and limit the amount you are willing to pay for certain keywords. If a keyword doesn’t perform, it can be removed from an existing campaign and it is easy to increase daily budgets if your campaign could get more traffic as a result.

What We Offer

Initial Campaign Setup

The following will be included:

  • Setup of one or more campaigns
    • Setup of a minimum of 1 ad group per campaign
    • Setup of 2 ads per ad group
  • Keyword research and keyword selection

Step 1: Identify budget

Depending on your monthly budget, we will be able to determine the ideal number of campaigns and how many ad groups and ad variations we can run within each campaign.

Your daily budget will define how often your ads can be shown. A lower budget means less people will see your ads, so if you start with a lower budget, we should start with a lower number of campaigns to maximise exposure.

Step 2: Determine Campaign Offering

Each campaign should focus on one product offering and each ad group should explore a sub segment of that product offering. We will work with you to identify key product offerings for which we will then set up a minimum of 2 campaigns to get you started.

Step 3: Keyword Research

As part of each campaign setup, we will conduct keyword research to identify key search terms and their variations. Specific keywords will then be added to each ad group.

As part of each campaign setup, we will conduct keyword research to identify key search terms and their variations. Specific keywords will then be added to each ad group.

On-going AdWords Management

Our monthly AdWords management service ensures that we can monitor performance, make adjustments to your campaigns and set up new campaigns to advertise promotional offers, new product launches and the like. We will keep you in the loop around activity, report on key metrics and work with you to explore new opportunities.

  • Monthly summary report
  • Fortnightly 30-minute analysis and tuning
  • Optional setup of 2 new ads (to allow for promotional offers or change in product/seasonal range) per month
*Sometimes there is the need to create new landing pages or optimise existing landing pages for ads. We can help in getting these set up for you and will advise at the time. Setup will be charged at an hourly rate.